Profit from boxing (without throwing punches)

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Profit from boxing (without throwing punches)

Postby Gavin » Thu Mar 29, 2018 12:49 pm


Make money from boxing without ever having to get in the ring or risk being punched in the head, by using Cymatic software!

There can be tens of thousands of pounds of betting liquidity at each odds level on Betfair for big boxing matches, before the contest starts. This presents an interesting potential opportunity to make a profit with the help of the PIQ feature (Position In Queue) in Cymatic software. The Joshua v Parker fight this coming Saturday (31st March 22:00) is no exception.

Trading involves placing a pair of bets at slightly different odds to make a profit. For example you back Joshua to win at odds of 1.24, and also bet on Joshua to lose (a 'lay' bet) at odds of 1.23. So if both bets are matched, with the correct stakes, you make a profit regardless of who wins the fight.

Trading only in the lead up to the contest, in the preceding days and hours, use the ladder interface in Cymatic to keep an eye on the PIQ ('Position in Queue') of your bets. The idea would be to submit a pair of bets on the same boxer, one on each side of the market with the aim being to back and lay for a 1 tick profit. By observing the PIQ of your bets, you can try to judge whether to let the unmatched bet(s) remain in the market or whether it is safer to cancel them to scratch your position.

Let's assume you submit the bets at the best prices on Betfair, (so at the time of writing) you would send bets to back Joshua at 1.24 and also to lay Joshua at 1.23. Both bets are initially unmatched and there may be a lot of money from other participants already in front of you waiting to be matched at the same price. As some of that other money gets matched, your bets progress towards the front of the queue. You are hoping that more money is entering behind you at the same price, thus supporting your position. In an ideal scenario, your bets both get close to the front of the queue with large amounts of money entering behind them at the same price. So that if one of your bets gets matched, you can then watch the PIQ of the other bet to decide whether to leave it to be matched (hopefully) or scratch the position by moving it to the price at which the first bet was matched if the money at that price is starting to disappear.

The risk is that a massive order enters the market aggressively wiping out all of the money at the front price on one side of the book, matching one of your bets and leaving the other bet unmatched and the prevailing market price has moved away from it. In that scenario, scratching the trade instantly would mean a loss, rather than breakeven.

Don't trade after the contest starts, because one punch can effectively end the betting market instantly, leaving you with no opportunity to close any open positions.

It might also be worth experimenting with the automated robot feature that you will find on the Cymatic ladder. It manages the two bets for you, by watching the liquidity and scratching bets according to your predefined settings.

Remember to always use small stakes (or training mode) when venturing out into a sport that you haven't traded much before and until you have developed a track record.

So find out more and download Cymatic now (free trial, no obligation) if you haven't already got it.

Any questions, just ask.

Happy trading,

Gavin :)
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