Chrome operating system

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Chrome operating system

Postby Gavin » Mon Nov 28, 2016 7:10 pm

The Chrome operating system is based on Unix / Linux, so you could try installing Cymatic using Wine and Winetricks. Wine is like a Windows emulator, so there should be no need to install Windows on your computer if you install Wine onto a computer running on Linux / Chrome.


See this video that I found on YouTube that shows how to install Wine on a Chromebook and then how to install a Windows program using Winetricks:

Installing Wine on Chrome

Here is some information in the Cymatic forum, about Linux and Wine, which might also be helpful to users of Chrome:

Linux and Wine

Cymatic doesn't test its software on or claim to support it running on Linux / Chrome / OSx, Wine, etc, but feedback from customers indicates that it works.

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