v4.10 fixed Excel market Id column + greening

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v4.10 fixed Excel market Id column + greening

Postby Gavin » Fri Sep 18, 2015 12:05 am

Version released 18th September 2015.

  • Excel - formatted market Id column (column AX) as text, rather than general format. This ensures Excel does not remove zeros at the end of market Ids. Otherwise a market Id such as 1.120648550 would be changed to 1.12064855 in Excel. When zeros were removed, the GREEN command would fail because it needs to use the market Id details in that column.
  • Football Odds Predictor - added a Pin To Front button, to enable the window to stay on top of other windows.
  • 'New Grid' windows - fixed the Pin To Front button that had become invisible (especially on high definition displays)
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