v4.5.0.0 - fixes bugs, including Windows XP

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v4.5.0.0 - fixes bugs, including Windows XP

Postby Gavin » Tue Jul 28, 2015 1:32 am

New version released 28th July 2015.

  • Added missing Portuguese translation on API Refresh settings, now says Preços instead of Prices.
  • Excel - Added a link to the Microsoft store (affiliate) in the message box for users who don't have Excel installed.
  • Excel - Prevented users from supplying a blank worksheet name in the form used for connecting a market to Excel. A sheet name must be specified.
  • Excel - Fixed BAD INDEX error when opening more than one market into separate worksheets, when the workbook had been opened from a saved file (rather than created as a new workbook at the time).
  • Excel - Fixed problem in Windows XP that occurred if a formula in the price or stake trigger columns evaluated to empty text.
  • Grid - Fixed error whereby USA horses were showing a red X as the silks image, when in fact Betfair are not currently supplying any silks images for US horses.
  • Suppressed BET_TAKEN_OR_LAPSED errors popping up in a notification window whenever a cancel order failed on the ladder.
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