v4.4.0.0 - fixes bug in batches offset bets

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v4.4.0.0 - fixes bug in batches offset bets

Postby Gavin » Sat Jul 18, 2015 2:29 pm

Version released 18th July 2015:

  • Fixed bug affecting offset bets when sent as a simultaneous batch of bets from Excel (did not affect single offset bets).
  • Improved simulated matching algorithm. Price improvements will now also apply when moving bets to new prices (not just sending new bets). So an existing unmatched bet that is being moved to a new price at which it would be instantly matched, can now also benefit from any available price improvement (the same as on the exchange with real bets). For example: you have a back bet working at a price of 10, then you decide to move it to a price of 5, but the best available to back price in the market is 6, then you will be instantly matched at 6 instead of 5.
  • A space is now allowed between phrases and their arguments within excel commands, for example BACK OFFSET 5 is now allowed (previously you had to type BACK OFFSET5 otherwise the offset would be ignored).
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