v3.17, fill-or-kill, football odds predictor

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v3.17, fill-or-kill, football odds predictor

Postby Gavin » Sat Jan 31, 2015 2:50 am

New version released 31st January 2015.

  • Football Odds Predictor - new feature to statistically calculate the expected 'true' odds for various types of football markets. There are detailed videos explaining how to use this feature, which can be found within the Cymatic YouTube channel. There is also some details in the online user manual.
  • Fill-or-kill feature added. Does not apply to greening bets or to any opposing offset bets sent via the offset feature.
  • Items in the 'Tools' panel now flow onto extra rows if needed when the window is made smaller
  • Live Video - now in an embedded browser emulating the current installed version of Internet Explorer (instead of opening IE in a separate process).
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