v2.52, more ladder customization

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v2.52, more ladder customization

Postby Gavin » Wed Feb 13, 2013 12:58 pm

v2.52.0.0. Released 13/2/2013.

New features:

- There is a new option to choose to show your bets in the price column on the ladder. This enables you to get rid of the two separate columns that show your back and lay bets, instead you will see your bets shown in the price column. This is a good way to make a narrow ladder when you are working on a single screen.

When you choose to show bets in the price column, you can still change the price of a bet by right clicking the new desired location (the same method as when you use two separate columns). Please note that if you have existing unmatched back and lay bets, then right clicking a new price will move the nearest bet from the same side of the market as the location of your click. In all other scenarios, the nearest bet from any location, is always the one moved.

- Ladder columns can be moved to change the order of the columns, simply drag them using the column headers. Your column positions will be saved when you save the layout to a file.

Bugs fixed:

- Default layouts (for charts and ladders) are now persisted between login sessions.
- Labels in Layout tab (in Settings window) have been now been translated to Portuguese. I had forgotten to do this in previous version.
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