v2.75 "What If" display plus added performance

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v2.75 "What If" display plus added performance

Postby Gavin » Sat Sep 20, 2014 12:56 am

v2.75.0.0 released 20th September 2014.

- 'What-If' value is now displayed when users points mouse at the ladder, to indicate potential profit if the proposed bet is sent and matched (e.g. ȣ10)
- Enhanced compatibility with anti-virus software to prevent program being wrongly identified
- Even faster processing speed when displaying data on the ladder
- Improved textual format of window titles (ladder and charts windows), which previously just showed market name. Now includes more information where appropriate such date / start time as well as event name which is needed when trading multiple football matches to distinguish which window belonged to which match.
- Added menu option 'Hide username', to aid privacy if trading in public or making videos
- Stopped the potential flickering appearance of scroll bars (that apply to the bet lists within the ladder and beside the grid)
- Changed textual format of bets in ladder if stake <1, e.g. to show £0.10 instead of £.10
- Fix potential error when right-clicking to move a bets on the ladder if the bet was at 1000
- Updated URL for Betfair charts to new URL format (except AUS markets that still need the old format URL)
- Fixed bug that prevented user from closing the app if network connection was lost.
- MyMarkets are now sorted after a new item is added by user
- Added image to the button that moves autopilot onto the next market
- Improved a Portuguese translation on the settings window's tab for the autopilot settings
- Improved Portuguese translation for the title of the Status Log and Market Log tabs
- Fixed translation in tooltip in ladder for button that pins to front of screen, Russian and English versions were round the wrong way
- Improved resolution of logo image used as the shortcut icon and window title icon
- The support url now points to the user manual rather than the Cymatic homepage
- Removed Error URL relating to installation errors as it was not working
- Added a link to the webpage for recovering forgotten activation codes
- Removed duplicated text in error messages displayed in the forms used for sending and modifying bets

Please note that another new version will be coming out shortly which will be fully compliant with Betfair's new API format (API-NG).
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