v2.49, in-play countdown, enhanced ladder

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v2.49, in-play countdown, enhanced ladder

Postby Gavin » Wed Feb 06, 2013 1:16 am

Released 2013-02-06

Main changes are as follows:

- Ladder now has an in-play delay countdown timer to show the time remaining for a bet placed in-play to be accepted. This shows on the price column.
- Ladder now also has a mini-clock at the top which shows the size of the in-play delay (as applied by Betfair to certain events in-play). The value only shows when the
race is actually in-play. Could be useful if you've often wondered what the in-play delay is for a certain sport, well now you can see it.
- Ladder is now more customizable and can be made narrower (and expect even more customizations coming in another release fairly soon and the ability to save ladder settings).
- Ladder has a cancel all bet button (affect only bets on that runner).
- Ladder has preset staking buttons, for when you want to rapidly change the stake setting using a single mouse click, without having to type. Be a little careful with it, there are some large stake options on it.
- Fixed an issue for the Portuguese version which was causing the suspended sound to repeat
- Ladder now also shows Jocket Silks, Saddle Cloth Number and Stall Number (where provided by Betfair)
- Ladder cells turn yellow during bet placement, this feature has now been enabled for bets being moved too
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