v6.18.6.0 more refining for the new bet rounding rules

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v6.18.6.0 more refining for the new bet rounding rules

Postby Cymatic Support » Sun Jun 21, 2020 6:54 pm

Version released today to solve a problem at in certain ranges of odds/stakes reported as follows:

hussar2 wrote:Hi Gavin
Thanks for update, working well on my price range - had a race in which i had to bet at 11 did not work on lay liability £14.67 for 3 ticks - had to revert to £2.00 stake so did another bet this is what i got :- failed to place bet error INVALID PROFIT RATIO bet details lay £1.88 @ 8.8 it seems around 10 and less it does not work. Hussar2

Thanks hussar2 for reporting that.

Betfair have now sent me some details of the emergency changes which they made to the exchange on Friday, which seem rather complicated. I will be further communicating with them about this tomorrow.

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