api speed

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api speed

Postby louiscollie1 » Sat Jan 25, 2014 8:00 pm

Hi gavin could you please tell me is the cymatic software as fast as the other trading software like some of the pay as you
go ones that i wont name. I know that it depends on location and your api settings, how powerful your laptop is etc but like
for like are they much the same speed processing the ladder prices? I appreciate this software you have done a fantastic
piece of computer science i thank you.
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Re: api speed

Postby Gavin » Sun Jan 26, 2014 12:32 am


Thanks for your message.

Yes, absolutely! The software has been designed to cope with very low latency processing, for high frequency automated trading. Various internal parts of the software have been speed tested, then refined and refined again, to find the fastest possible processing algorithms. For example, the processing of prices on the ladder. Maximising speed and using CPU resources optimally, was always at the heart of this project.

I don't know if other software providers have gone to the same effort, but I am guessing that many of them were designed simply for human traders and so speed was not as important to them, because unlike Cymatic, automated trading robots was not the original reason for their creation. Cymatic has a dual role as an automated trading engine, combined with a recent user interface, so it was designed to be the fastest, because that is what is required for automated trading. So, yes, Cymatic focuses heavily on being fast, rather than merely being a pretty user interface.

Cymatic has also gone to great lengths to monitor the roundtrip speed of the API calls (the 'API Monitor' feature) and thus highlights excessive latency. It provides a permanent readout of latency as well as a whole page dedicated to latency statistics and can even automatically email warnings and reports. Again, this has been important for reliable super fast automated trading. Other software programs for Betfair trading don't seem to have focused as much on this aspect.

You can further optimize the way Cymatic works (especially useful if you are outside the UK, or on a slow residential broadband in the UK):

1. Optimize the data refresh intervals as explained in this tutorial:

2. You can also reduce the sensitivity of the "roundtrip time is slow" message, so that it appears not so often. It is just a warning message. Change the number from 750ms to 3000ms in the top left corner of the settings page called "API Latency".

3. You can also change the "Maximum concurrency" settings from 5 to 1. This will guarantee that you never overload your internet connection. Concurrency of 5 is not really needed for manual trading, that is intended more for super fast automation, but will not cause any congestion if you have a good connection.

Doing all these things enables you to completely optimise the software to work at the limits of your internet connection's capabilities.

I hope all this info helps. If you are a manual trader (i.e. clicking with a mouse), then Cymatic software is processing the data hundreds of times faster than you could possibly ever notice.

Best wishes,

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api speed

Postby louiscollie1 » Sun Jan 26, 2014 7:01 am

Thank you for explaining the speed of the software. I am gaining in confidence using
this well designed software as its easy to use and well thought out. Thanks also for
the prompt reply. great service gavin.
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