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v6.3.0.0 net stake and demo balance

Mon Mar 05, 2018 7:05 pm

Version was released on 5th March 2018.

  • Added a user setting to choose whether ladder windows automatically get selected when the mouse travels over the ladder area. If turned on, there is no need to click the ladder window to select it. Turned off by default.
  • Fixed an error by preventing users inserting a chart into the ladder window if chart data is turned off in settings.
  • Net position (net stake) is now displayed near the top of the ladder window. Clicking it copies the net stake value to the ladder's stake box.
  • Added 'Net To' column on the ladder, for choosing the price at which to send a bet to close the net position (without greening up). The option to close the net position, is what some people refer to as a 'free bet' feature.
  • Added more stake types: Lay Liability, Tick Profit, Book Profit, Payout, % Stake, % Liability, % Lay Liability.
  • Improved the image quality on the button used to refresh funds.
  • Implemented simulated account funds in demo mode. Simulates checking of available funds when sending bets in demo mode and adjusts the funds available to simulate the exposure of bets. When greening up a market, the profits or losses are attributed to the simulated account funds.
  • Demo account funds value is saved when closing the program, so users can track performance over time (assuming all markets are always greened up before closing the program).
  • Fixed a bug in demo mode. When cancelling exactly half of a demo bet (for example cancelling £2 of a £4 bet), the whole bet was cancelled.
  • Translated the Staking Type sub-menu in the grid menu, which had been overlooked in the past (for both Portuguese and Russian).
  • The 'Chat' button now links to the Cymatic forum instead the IRC (Internet Relay Chat) chat rooms which have now been deprecated.
  • The following settings have now been added to the settings window and so can be saved as default: 'Click Polarity', 'Staking Type', 'Staking Type Visible' and 'Staking Type Show As Image'.
  • For users who have not saved a default ladder layout to a file, when opening a new ladder window the initial stake and 'Click Polarity' will be derived from the values set at the File Menu | Settings | Stakes and Hedges page. If the user has already saved a default ladder layout to a file, then the values saved in that file will continue to be used as the initial values (the same as in all prior versions of Cymatic).
  • Added the Cymatic icon to the title bar of some windows that were previously just using a generic icon.
  • The selection boxes for Staking Type and Click Polarity now automatically resize when the selected value is changed.
  • The user's preference of whether to login via the Standard or the Minimal Login option is now saved on exit.
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