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v6.1.0.1 adds Keyboard betting and more

Fri Jan 26, 2018 7:50 pm

New version was released on 26th January 2018.

It includes the following changes:

  • Added 'Keyboard Betting' and various keyboard shortcuts. Can be customized settings and saved. Intelligent 'Rapid Betting' keys can be faster than moving a mouse around. See here: Keyboard Betting and Shortcuts
  • Market filters can now specify Race Type (Harness, Flat, Hurdle, Chase, Bumper, NH Flat, NO_VALUE).
  • Added a Race Type option in the autopilot (race types for horse racing only)
  • Added 5 more countries that can now be used in the autopilot (country codes: AR, HK, IN, JP and SE)
  • Amended definition of Market Description to support new API fields: PriceLadderDescritpion, MarketLineRangeInfo and RaceType
  • User can now refresh the list of markets (in the Navigator) via the File menu. Useful for when the user wants to get new markets and remove closed ones from the Navigator, without having to logout and login again.
  • Clicking the red X on the bet lists in the ladder, now just cancels the back or lay bets (unless the two lists are shown combined).
  • Fixed highlighting of orders on the grid. Now it doesn't wait for a market refresh to display changes or after being turned on / off in settings.
  • Ladder windows now get focused when the mouse moves over them (so no need to click on the window)
  • Displays a more meaningful message when a user tries to use Betfair's special 2-Step Authentication, to explain that it is not compatible with streaming.
  • Ladders continue to only be available for markets with standard price increments. Increased checks that are done before trying to open a ladder, to ensure future compatibility.
  • Changed the warning message when a user clicks File Menu | Logout. It now says 'you are about to logout', instead of 'you are about to close the program'.
  • Fixed problems with the ladder when changing it to a different runner/selection. Fixes issues with the advanced chart on the left side of the ladder and the bet lists and prices now update immediately rather than waiting for the next market refresh to occur.
  • Fixed colour of pre-existing bets at the bottom of the Multiple Ladder window. They were grey (instead of blue/pink) if they had been submitted before opening the multiple ladder window.

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