v6.0.4.1 uses new streaming API

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v6.0.4.1 uses new streaming API

Postby Gavin » Thu Nov 09, 2017 3:11 pm

Released new version on 9th November 2017, which includes the following changes:

  • Added support for Betfair's streaming API, including settings for both exchange conflation and local conflation (which defines max & min refresh intervals of the GUI, controlled separately from exchange conflation).
  • Added better handling for failed calls to get the market navigation file when the connection fails (HttpStatusCode = Bad Gateway)
  • Added support for when Betfair occasionally add additional spaces after the racecourse name (for example, ‘Ling 22nd Jul’ sometimes has two spaces after Ling)
  • Added support for Romanian Leu (RON) currency, defining its symbol (L) and minimum stake (10) and Minimum BSP Liability
  • Fixed the issue where the autopilot accidentally jumps forward occasionally when a race goes in-play, instead of at the end of in-play.
  • The 'Hide Username' setting now persists if the user logs out and back in again (using the File | Logout menu option, without closing the app).
  • Currency Rates are now checked automatically once per hour.
  • New layout for API Refresh tab in the settings form.
  • Fixed the feature that emails reports to the user, by adding an EnableSSL option in the email settings tab (needed if the email provider requires encryption settings).
  • Corrected tabbing order in API Refresh tab in the settings form.
  • Grid prices for all runners now appear simultaneously on the screen in one action, rather than visibly flowing onto the page separately (was occurring when first opening a market or switching tabs).
  • Now faster at processing data when it arrives (new prices and bets) and updating the display.
  • Updated the app's desktop icon to use a sharper image.
  • Added option to choose ladder levels 1-10 (but still have the option to show 'Complete Prices', i.e. full depth of market from 1.01 to 1000)
  • Now doesn't unnecessarily play a warning sound ('scheduled start time' sound) if we have just selected a market that is already closed.
  • Have removed the columns for PersistenceType and BetID from the average odds bet list (beside the grid).
  • Streaming is now turned on by default, rather than polling (the user can still choose to change this setting)
  • Fixed a couple of bugs that could occur when opening an advanced chart

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