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Postby archytekt » Tue May 10, 2016 12:02 pm

Anyone able to tell what a good indicator would be useful to determine what money is being matched on which side of the market? Something kind of like WoM, but with actual money matched instead of just what is on offer.
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Re: Charts

Postby Gavin » Wed May 11, 2016 11:30 pm

Hi archytekt,

The market microstructure is an interesting topic. I don't think there is an indicator in the charts that tells you whether the trading activity is hitting the available back price or the lay price.

The ladder shows it to some extent, because it highlights where the last trades are occurring. Look at the last traded price column, or the back/lay columns if you have set it to highlight the last trades there instead.

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Re: Charts

Postby Steve » Mon Jun 13, 2016 4:23 pm

As a rough guide I use the full right hand side graphs with indicators. The blue block graph shows the bet amount matched and looking directly above the corresponding red/green candlestick shows whether it was a back or lay. As I say its only a guide but gives a good indication of the money being matched either side.
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